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Alexandria Floors specializes in hardwood

Solid and engineered hardwood both use 100 percent real wood. There are significant differences in the way they are constructed. They also behave a little differently. Engineered hardwood tends to be less expensive and easier to install.

However, all wood is not the same. The species of hardwood determines its performance qualities. Understanding the differences goes a long way toward choosing hardwood flooring that is right for a home.

Solid hardwood flooring is made from solid pieces of timber. Each board is a single piece about ¾" thick. The thickness of solid hardwood allows for the boards to be sanded and refinished for as long as the flooring is used. Engineered hardwood is resilient, versatile flooring that can be installed in any room in a house. It is made of genuine wood.

Engineered hardwood gives a home an updated ambiance and appearance. The core of engineered hardwood is made of plywood or hardwood with an affixed veneer top surface. When compared to solid hardwood, it is more heat and moisture resistant.

Hardwood installation

In reaction to temperature and moisture changes, solid hardwood will expand or contract. For that reason, it is recommended only for rooms at or above ground level. The manner is which engineered hardwood is constructed, makes it less likely to react to temperature and humidity fluctuation, gap, or buckle. It can be installed at any level, even below ground.

Engineered hardwood is a great choice for bathrooms and finished basements. Engineered and solid hardwood are both designed for durability and beauty.
Active homes are no match for their sturdy surface. They do, however, have different attributes of performance. Solid hardwood is nailed to a subfloor. The subfloor for solid hardwood has to be oriented strand board, wood, or plywood. A gap is typically left between the wall and flooring, to accommodate swelling to due contraction and expansion.

The enhanced stability of engineered hardwood provides more resistance to rippling, buckling, and everyday wear and tear. Humidity levels can cause solid hardwood to expand or shrink. Engineered hardwood is more moisture resistant and a bit more stable than solid hardwood. No hardwood flooring tolerates water lying on the surface.

The increased moisture level of concrete is typically not a problem for engineered hardwood. When conditions are right, engineered hardwood can be installed with concrete as the subfloor. The installation of solid hardwood is best left to professionals. The nails, staples, or glue needed for installation are even a challenge for experienced do-it-yourselfers.

Benefits of hardwood floors

People tend to overlook hardwood floors, because of the initial expense. Many advantages of hardwood outweigh the initial cost. Good quality hardwood floors last for years. Carpet has to be replaced every five years or so, because of everyday wear and tear, holes, and stains.

Hardwood floors require minimal maintenance and look better as they age. A light vacuum or simple brush keep hardwood flooring looking great. The mud carried in by children and pets is removed with a damp mop.

Hardwood floors are more hygienic than carpet. Reports of parasites harboring in carpet have been published. Dust, fleas, and dust mites produce allergens that play havoc with those who suffer from allergies. Hardwood floors save money and extreme discomfort. Cat and dog owners find this information particularly relevant.

Carpets trap unpleasant odors from things that are spilled, or from animals that hardwood doesn't. Underfloor heating, which is an efficient heating method, can be installed under hardwood floors. A simple sanding and sealing will bring solid hardwood floors back to looking like new if a floor begins to show signs of wear. Refinishing a floor is much cheaper than replacing the carpet.

The biggest advantage of hardwood floors is their timeless appeal. Alexandria Floors is a distributor of hardwood flooring. We have been supplying customers in Adairsville, Chattanooga, and Dalton, Georgia since 2012. We have three million square feet of flooring inventory in our Adairsville, GA corporate headquarters. It is our goal to provide backup inventory to our distribution partners. We consistently receive containers of hardwood that ensure on-time delivery. Our hardwood flooring is found in nearly all major retailers in the continental United States.